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As the world moves towards digital transformation, Globe Digital Marketing is committed towards helping young and brave entrepreneurs grow their business online. Together, we work to maximize opportunities the world continuously presents to us.

We are a young, dynamic team of marketers and designers with various skill sets to help you with a holistic digital revolution. We have served more than 100 clients in various sectors across the globe.

We ensure you state of the art expertise and an innovative approach to provide you with a competitive advantage.

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First step:


At Scallio Digital, brainstorming involves taking the insight collected from the clients during our initial meeting and using it to generate ideas. We strongly believe that there are some really amazing resources that provide far deeper insights and bring together varied opinions. Our broad framework, and appropriate tools and methodologies, explore each aspect of the projects and connect the dots. This step starts with conducting research on the client’s industry to identify certain functionalities and inspirational elements that will serve as the foundation for the rest of the design process.

Second step:


Some of the most brilliant ideas begin with a simple drawing. For us, the relevance of sketching in the design process is enormous with varied roles across products. While sketches are the most effective technique to create a basic illustration layout, we make it a point to use sketches that aid in the communication of ideas, the demonstration of functioning, the visualization of user flow, and the illustration of anything requiring human contact. It’s tough to ‘freestyle’ a sophisticated design without debating out the intricacies in mid-air.


Third step:


The development team proceeds into coding and development when the sketching phase is accomplished and we have the client’s approval. This is where the custom web application’s functionality gets designed. During this procedure, code optimizations are made to ensure that the custom web application delivers a smooth performance to the users at the end of the day. During the design development stage, each team member collaborates to create a design that reflects the owner’s desires while also being structurally sound and designed smartly and sustainably.

Fourth step:

Quality Assurance

Any system that intends to implement elevated products needs to have quality assurance. Quality assurance or QA testing at Weavers Web is a series of operations that ensures that a website/ app design complies with the stated requirements, agreed-upon standards and procedures, and best practices. Before the website goes live or becomes available to real people, it is checked for any mistakes, flaws, or potential flaws. It reviews a website or web application to see if there are any vulnerabilities that were ignored during the design and development process.

quality assurance

Fifth step:


Launching products that haven’t been thoroughly tested leads to a build-up of technical debt, low user retention, and expensive maintenance expenses. It’s critical for business managers to know if a potential user thinks the system is appropriate for their needs. UAT or user acceptance test is the final and most crucial stage in the software testing process. It ensures that the system is simple enough for a user to traverse, that it fulfills the audience’s expectations and user expectations. At Weavers Web, UAT involves simulating the post-release environment and actions of a potential system user.

Sixth step:


In the deployment stage, we’ll deploy your website or web app on a fast, secure, and highly scalable server once it’s been extensively tested. The deployment scenario generated during the logical design and technical requirements phases of the solution life cycle is the starting point for deployment design. The deployment scenario includes a logical architecture as well as the solution’s quality of service (QoS) requirements. Our preferred deployment platforms are Heroku and Linode, although we can use practically any VPS or PaaS. Our deployments process includes automatic backups, an application monitoring service, and a proper SSL certificate.


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