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How To Redesign A Website For More Leads And Conversions

Redesigning your website is the need of the hour to match up with the latest trends. The website design and development tricks that used to work before are no longer useful to beat your competitors. 

Redesigning a website involves the process of revamping your site. It includes making all the necessary changes like updating content, featuring case studies, refreshing layouts, improving navigation, etc to improve site performance.

 Here is a quick guide on how to redesign your website for more leads and conversions. In this article, we will discuss some of the basic principles and necessary steps to redesign your website.

In today’s digital age, a website is a crucial aspect of any business. However, web design is not just about using tricks to beat your competitors. It’s about incorporating design and conversion principles to create a website that engages and converts visitors.

Redesigning your website involves the process of updating content, refreshing layouts, improving navigation, featuring case studies, and more. In this blog post, we’ll guide you through some essential steps to redesign your website with design and conversion principles in mind. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced website designer, these principles will help you improve your website’s user experience and overall success.

Simple Design

When you are redesigning a website, always try to keep it as simple as possible. A simple and easily scannable website is bliss for any user. A simple website helps improve the readability and usability of the website. 

But, often people think that adding a lot of complicated elements and templates to the website can make them stand apart. However, this concept is completely wrong. A heavy and complicated website makes it difficult for the user to navigate and understand the web content. 

On the other hand, Simple designs are both easy to use and understand. To have a simple website, you don’t need to go for a minimalist website design. But, when adding any information or details, make sure it’s relevant and adds value to the website.

Optimize The Home Page

The homepage of your website is the most necessary part of the entire website. It is where any user lands when they search for your product or service. So, once your home page is well optimized, half the work is already done. Here is how to do it. 

Clear Pitch

It’s always good to design a homepage for your website with a clear pitch. A website with a clear and concise message is much valued by users. try to avoid adding bluff that might bore or confuse the user.

Story Brand Framework

Story brand framework is the golden rule to designing the best website for maximum leads and conversions. It’s a simple storytelling formula created to help any business to express its most important messages simply.

What makes this formula work: It is designed by keeping the customer in the center and not the brand. So, whenever a user visits your website, he feels like the website content is perfectly designed that answers his queries and requirements. This is what hooks the user to stay longer and eventually convert into a customer. 

Let’s get a quick view into the steps of the StoryBrand framework:

Like every story has a hero, here the customer is the hero. €and like every classic story the hero first encounters a problem and finds a guide who gives him a plan. The character then takes an action to execute the plan. This either ends in success or failure.

  1. A character (The user)
  2. Executes a problem
  3. Meets a guide ( your business)
  4. Come up with a plan (solution offered by your business)
  5. Takes an Action (makes the purchase)
  6. Ends in Success
  7. Helps the user to avoid Failure (which might happen if they don’t buy)

Compelling Content

Next comes adding high-quality compelling content to your website. Good and engaging content is the key to hooking the users on the website for maximum time. The more time a user spends on the website the maximum chance for conversions. You should constantly add compelling and optimized content for the best results. Good content compels the user to learn more about the business and ultimately fill out forms, download resources, or subscribe to newsletters. 

Easy navigation

Easy navigation is the key way to keep your users engaged on the website. It is a vital part of modern website design. So if you want to ensure that your visitor spends more time on the website redesign your website into one that is easy to navigate. 


By allowing your users to easily navigate from one section of the website to another section, you make it easier for them to quickly get the information that they are searching for. 

Some of the quick ways to do it are: adding a navigation menu, navigation bar, or through structured navigation.

Lead Magnet With Email Option

Gone are the days when just adding a visible phone number was enough to help customers reach you. The step worked fine for print ads in the past. In the present time of the internet and technology, a user browsing your website from his pc or laptop won’t switch to another device (phone) to contact you.

Hence it’s always helpful and necessary to add an email option on your website for the users to quickly connect to you from any place or device and even outside your business hours.

Lead Magnet With Email Option

to improve the aesthetic appeal of any website, we often forget the purpose. While redesigning your website, you must keep in mind that people will read your content only when it’s both appealing and readable. 

To do so, try to always stick with fonts that go well with the content. Avoid using fancy fonts that might make the website look extraordinary but are extremely difficult to read. Instead, use standard fonts that look both legible and professional. 

Use multiple font sizes to break up the content on the webpage. This helps the reader to see and read each section more clearly. Also, avoid using fonts that are too large or too small. Choose a size that’s easily readable on all devices.

Fast loading time

In today’s high-speed lifestyle, no one has the time to wait. Hence you need to redesign your website to ensure that it loads fast. The more time your website will take to load, the higher the chances of losing your customers. 

As the web is filled with similar websites and services, users are more likely to switch to your competitor’s websites if they have to wait longer. 

Make sure that your visitors do not have to wait longer to find any information or make a purchase. Redesign a website that loads fast.

Feature Case Studies

Adding case studies to your website is an essential step to demonstrate to the user how your product has played a necessary role in solving a particular problem and delivering results. 

 The case study gives the user a real-life view of how the product works. Which eventually helps eliminate the user’s confusion and answer his queries.

When a user goes through the case study, he gets a sense of confidence in the product’s quality and performance and hence makes the final purchase.

Create SEO Optimized website

While redesigning your website, never forget to make it SEO optimized. It is the basic and most necessary way to make your first contact with potential customers. Applying a solid SEO strategy while designing your website is what makes you stand apart from your competitors. So make sure your redesigned website is SEO-friendly.

Optimize your website for SEO to encourage both natural and paid searches. Some of The best SEO strategies include using a list of keywords, adding strong and engaging content, and linking between pages.

If you have an SEO-optimized website, there are more chances of getting traffic that you can convert. Eventually, increase your business sales. 

Add downloadable e-books on specific blog posts.

Sometimes the information provided on the webpage is not enough to answer all queries of the user. Generating a blog post content that promotes an e-book or whitepaper can help the user get a detailed understanding of the topic. 

This is where SEO meets lead generation. Adding blog posts helps improve the page authority which helps get better ranks on SERPs. And at the same time helps a user find the solution to a problem. 

You can start by doing basic keyword research and then developing relevant blog posts on the topic. Draft a pdf that gives a deeper knowledge of the topic. Also, make it available for download using the user’s name and email address. You may follow up with the user using their email details.

Add a live chat box on the website

Live chat service is gaining popularity over time. Live chat service is one of the best ways to generate leads. As it’s an open and easy mode to directly get into a conversation with the user. While the chat helps you get an insight into the user’s requirements, it allows the user to get a fast answer to their queries and make a quick purchase.  

But before installing a live chat tool into the website, it’s necessary to audit your website and find out which pages have the maximum views. Once done, you can install the live chat tool on pages that have maximum customer visits that are looking for information and assistance. 

This ensures that every website visitor has their queries addressed.  

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